JC's Online Stuff

This is a collection of "sites" on this machine. Here are the public sites:
~jc/ All my online stuff
tune finder/ ABC tune Finder
howto How to do things
ABC Experimental ABC stuff
abc/ My personal ABC music collection
book/ My ABC book transcriptions
RJ full
RJ mobile
Roaring Jelly, a contra-dance band in the Boston area
CFO The Cambridge Folk Orchestra is a folk-dance band in the Boston area
sessions Music for "sessions"
BIDA Boston Intergenerational Dance Assoc.
Klezmer Eastern European Jewish music
CFO Cambridge Folk-Dance Orchestra
Oivan Ilo A Finnish band in the Fitchburg area
Sladka Another Boston-area folk-dance band
Slow Scottish Scottish tunes played slowly
Test (for testing the software)
Vintage 17th and 18th Century social dancing
test Assorted tests of this site's software
shop Tests of ideas for shopping info