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T: The Kandahar Reel
T: The Duke of Rothesay's Kandahar Reel
T: 4x32R4
C: soldiers of the Black Watch
R: reel
N: Tune: The Helmand Highlanders
N: Alternate tune: Speed the Plough
N: The Duke of Rothesay is Prince Charles
B: RSCDS booklet ___
F:	 2022-07-03 111900 UT

P: the Helmand Highlanders (the Kandahar Reel)
C: Jamie Forrester
B: RSCDS booklet ...
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
Z: Jim DiCarlo (Exeter, New Hampshire)
K: ^f^c^d
|: edBA FAEF | B,DEF Aced | edBA FAef | a=cBc GAGE |
   FedB ABFA | B,DEF Aced | edBA FAEF |1 B,DEF EDB,z :|2 B,DEF EDB,=C ||
K: _B_e^F
   DdcB AGFG | ABAG FGAD | DBDD B2AG |1 FAEA D3C :|2 FGAB ^c=eg^f |]

P: Speed the Plough
C: John Morehead
Z: John Chambers <>
O: c.1800
N: Skye, p.5
N: Caledonian Companion, p.37
N: Allan's p.3 #6
N: Harp and Claymore, p.96 (with variations by J.S.Skinner)
N: Hardie p.37
N: SFT p.7
N: Litten p.23
N: Skye  p.5
N: Kennedy V.1 p.16
N: Allan's p.3
N: Phillips p.44 from Topic 12T280
N: J.S.Skinner(?)
D: Bill Hardie on "The Fiddler's Companion" tape
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: A
|: E \
| "A"~A2Ac efec | eaec efec | "D"dfdB "A"cecA | "Bm"dcBA "E7"GABc |
| "A"~A2Ac efec | eaec efec | "D"decd "Bm"BcAB | "E7"FAGB "A"A3 :|
|: g \
| "A"a2(3bag aAce | aAgA fAeA | "D"dfdB "A"cecA | "Bm"dcBA "E7"GABd |
| "A"(3cBA eA "D"fA"A"eA | "D"fgaf "A"ecAc | "D"decd "B(m)"BcAB | "E7"FAGB "A"A3 :|

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Tune-9436-KandaharReel.txt 1625 Plain-text file with the extracted tune(s)
Tune-9436-get.log 5797 Log file, useful mostly for debugging
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