[P=get.cgi V=1/1 B=0 0.65 1024x1024 PNG]
filesizedescription 273 ABC music file with the extracted tune(s)
Tune-21133-John_Laurie.png 10661 Portable Network Graphics, the open scan-line picture format 34827 PostScript
Tune-21133-John_Laurie.txt 273 Plain-text file with the extracted tune(s)
Tune-21133-get.log 19656 Log file, useful mostly for debugging
These files should be available for 24 hours.

done: cwd="/home/jc/w/cgi/abc"
done: pscmd="(jcabc2ps /home/jc/w/tmp/ -F fmt/pdf_65.fmt +s 0.65 +maxs 2000 )>/home/jc/w/tmp/ 2>>/home/jc/w/tmp/Tune-21133-get.log"